Harborstone Credit Union



Project: Harborstone Credit Union Corporate Headquarters
Colors: Russet #598 and Pewter #247
Finish: Smooth Shot Blast
Location: Lakewood, Washington
Architect: Casey + DeChant Architects

The Harborstone Credit Union project was a complete campus design requiring easy pedestrian access between the two buildings as well as interconnected parking. With a unique site shape, a unique design was required to respond to program needs, as well as to keep pedestrian and vehicular traffic separated. Landscaping and architectural cues direct visitors and members to the public access while staff has access to all parts of the campus.

As the modern alternative to stone, cement and slate, Petrarch panels give the impact needed to make designs stand out from the crowd. They bring individuality and style to a building while being extremely durable, low maintenance and highly resistant to impact.  Petrarch panels passed the rigid requirements of the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 285 Fire Test Standard.

Manufactured by Omnis, Petrarch’s strength and lightweight features in both 5/16” (7mm) and 7/16” (10mm) thicknesses make it the ideal choice for unique façades. Choose from a variety of colors and finishes to customize your project.