Custom Colors


Project: Custom Colors

Create your vision with custom colors.  Petrarch is an extremely versatile product that invites creative design. Available in a range of standard colors, across four finishes and two thicknesses, there’s bound to be one that is suitable for your application. Additionally, your vision can be created in a custom color, greatly expanding your design possibilities.

What colors can you make custom?
We can match most paint chips. For best performance, stay away from extremely bright colors.

Does a custom color cost more than a standard color?
Not always. The primary factor in determining the price is volume and we will work with you.

Is the lead time longer with a custom color?
Once the color sample is approved, lead time is the same.

What finishes can be used with a custom color?
All four finishes can accommodate custom colors:  Riven Slate, Riven Slate Shot Blast, Smooth and Smooth Shot Blast.

In addition custom colors, highly intricate and striking designs can be added to the panels, resulting in nearly endless options to add exciting new visual elements and design statements.

As the modern alternative to stone, cement and slate, Petrarch panels give the impact needed to make designs stand out from the crowd. They bring individuality and style to a building while being extremely durable, low maintenance and highly resistant to impact.  Petrarch panels passed the rigid requirements of the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 285 Fire Test Standard.

Manufactured by Omnis, Petrarch’s strength and lightweight features in both 5/16” (7mm) and 7/16” (10mm) thicknesses make it the ideal choice for unique façades. Choose from a variety of colors and finishes to customize your project.