Airbles & Whamond Residential Towers

Airbles Whamond Towers


Project: Airbles & Whamond Residential Towers
Color: SN140 Sahara Beige, SN106 Indian Ivory, SN130 Swedish Green, SN150 Mexican Pink, SN190 Boston Brick
Location: Motherwell, United Kingdom

Five colors of Steni panels were used to refurbish these multi-story properties. Steni stone aggregate panels were specified for this modernist facade because of their robustness and proven performance, as well as features such as weather resistance and low maintenance. The main priorities were to eliminate water ingress, improve the thermal efficiency, and enhance the physical appearance of the exterior.

Steni stone aggregate panels are beautiful and durable, and feature natural crushed stone. They are ideal for both creative new buildings and renovations. Various types of stone, from a number of different geographical and geological areas, provide a wide range of natural stone colors and grades. Further variations and exciting architectural expressions can be achieved by combining different colors and grades.