Petrarch Panels

  • So naturally beautiful and rugged, yet extremely light and easy to install. Now NFPA 285 accredited.

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Petrarch is now NFPA 285 accredited!

Find out more about the recent accreditation:  NFPA 285 Accreditation

The Petrarch Brochure can be found here:  Petrarch Brochure

The Petrarch Color Chart can be found here:  Color Chart

Just like natural stone, but with added versatility

Architects and specifiers have long been aware of the advantages of manmade building panels over stone. With Petrarch, we’ve perfected the art of producing the manmade alternative. Omnis manufactures Petrarch reconstituted stone panels, a visually stunning façade solution which simulates the color and texture of natural stone, slate or terracotta.

Petrarch architectural building panels enable you to design with individuality and style and can be supplied in large format panels. Extreme environmental durability, high impact resistance and easy maintenance are intrinsic qualities. Its versatility means you can utilize this unique material to enhance or complement the natural environment, or create an imaginative style statement.

Fuel your creativity

Petrarch comes in a variety of colors, and is available in four finishes in two different thicknesses, so there’s bound to be a panel that’s perfect for your application. Since we manufacture Petrarch ourselves at Omnis, creating a custom solution for you is simple; we can produce specialty colors and even match a paint chip.

“Riven slate, riven slate shot blast, smooth or smooth shot blast…beautiful but practical finishes with individuality and style”


This man-made alternative to stone is an extreme weather resistant façade, manufactured to withstand the most severe environmental conditions and, just like natural stone, Petrarch will mature over time giving character and depth to any architectural scheme. It’s also incredibly lightweight, saving time and costs on site.


Petrarch panels are suitable for internal and external applications; a truly versatile, durable and innovative stone panel option which has been the choice of architects and specifiers for 40 years.

Petrarch features:

  • Colors and textures to match natural stone and complement other materials
  • Large panel format
  • Extremely durable suitable for exterior and interior use
  • Easy to clean surface
  • Class A fire performance
  • Highly resistant to climate extremes and pollution
  • Exposed fastener or back fastening options
  • Does not require specialized installation
  • Proven performance and life expectancy in excess of 30 years
  • Color and texture can emulate natural stone

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View our Petrarch brochure and Technical Resources section to find out more about Petrarch.