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Rainscreen framing systems

Our framing systems are fully engineered subframe systems constructed from modern high strength aluminum alloys.

H&J Rainscreen Components

The H & J Rain Screen system provides a basic aluminum sub-frame which is attached to the load bearing wall of the building over the weather barrier watertight wrapping of the building. This system provides a 1-inch cavity between the building outer wall and the wall cladding. This creates a rear-ventilated, pressure equalized system, which protects against weather conditions and contributes to the longevity of the building. The H & J system is recommended for installations where outboard insulation is not used.

Clean, crisp joinery maintains an architectural integrity unmatched by other systems. Aluminum Hat Channels and J-Channel extrusions (as appropriate for each joinery condition on the project) are made of mill finish aluminum, with a 1/8” wall thickness. The extrusions can have an anodized or painted finish. Bearing surfaces are dimensioned to allow generous clearances, including cutting and erection tolerances, plus provide proper contact area. The vent screen is made of aluminum, and has generous slots for air flow and water drainage.

Download this guide for more information.

Downer DCS031 – Helping hand (formerly TEN66)

Helping Hand
Cavity depth range: 65mm – 425mm

Ideal for: Low to medium height buildings with solid masonry or stud frame walls

The aluminum sub frame system offering rapid installation and reduced costs, the system incorporates wall brackets fixed to the substrate. Combined with tee and angle carrier rails these provide the user with an adjustable system allowing for thermal and structural movement and variation in cavity depth ranging between 65mm-425mm. The system is ideal for low to medium height buildings with solid masonry or stud frame walls.

Download this guide for more information.

Downer DCS002 & DCS004 – Secret fix cladding

Secret fix cladding
Ideal for: Delivering a smooth facade unobstructed by visible fixings

Where specifications dictate a smooth facade unobstructed by visible fixings, the Downer DCS002 & DCS004 mechanical secret fix systems can be used. Panel hangers fixed to the rear face of the panels hook on to horizontal framing rails.

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